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How ClickPath Works

How We Track Online-to-Offline Lead Conversions

To help you accurately track ROI, we use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology to display unique toll-free numbers (TFNs) on your website based on the referring keyword and ad that drove the lead your way. You simply have to place a code (which we provide) on your website.

When a visitor clicks through an online ad, the DNI logic on your website submits a request to the ClickPath server for a unique TFN based on the source of the ad the visitor was viewing or the keywords they were searching for.

The server then returns the TFN to the website and displays it as text or a graphic. This TFN follows the visitor wherever they go on the website. When the visitor calls the number, ClickPath captures the call record and matches it to the corresponding online session, ad source and keyword.

Key Features and Benefits

Track Online-to-Offline Conversions

Link offline prospects to online advertising channels so you can attribute phone calls back to the originating online ad and keyword.

Increase Effective Search Engine Marketing

Know whether high-value keywords and affiliate ads are driving sales or merely driving click-throughs.

Grow Your Revenue

Get a complete picture of online advertising performance, enabling you to measure ad spending against sales calls received.

View Performance-Specific Reports

Access multiple standard and custom reports that give you usable information for analyzing the performance of ad campaigns through call attribution.

Easily Track Your ROI

Seamlessly integrate ClickPath into your existing website. ClickPath is Active Server Pages (ASP) based, meaning it requires no software installation or maintenance.

Improve Your Staff Performance

Track staff performance by capturing and recording every call, even after-hours and missed calls, for accountability and training purposes.

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