Who's Calling: The Power of Call Measuremen

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Call Tracking

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Call Tracking reports the activities of prospects who begin their search process online and complete their transactions offline (in the form of phone calls).

Key Features and Benefits

Online and Offline Conversion Tracking

Track both online and offline conversions, including phone calls, across various multi-channel marketing outlets.

Granular and Accurate Data

Optimize your online ad campaigns by measuring return on ad spend for every aspect of your campaigns, including paid search keywords and ads.

Comprehensive Reporting

Produce over 30 intelligent reports that contain information about your campaign performance, including conversion summaries, trending reports, account usage, session tracking and call detail reports.

Actionable Data on Every Call

Capture critical follow-up information on every caller, such as phone number, name, address, point of origin and call recordings.

Easy Implementation and Use

Implement simple client-side JavaScript code that loads from your web pages directly into a visitor's PC and communicates with the ClickPath service. This online application requires no server-side programming and software installation. It is completely non-disruptive and doesn't interfere with any existing search engine optimization efforts or tracking activities.

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