Who's Calling: The Power of Call Measuremen

Click To Talk

Click To Talk is a cost-effective call attribution solution and communication tool that allows you to establish effective correspondence with your prospects and customers while generating new and recurring revenue.

Click To Talk allows any text, picture or graphic to be placed on your website or in your marketing emails. When the icon is clicked, a pop-up screen requests the caller’s phone number. Once they enter their phone number and press the Click To Talk symbol, they are connected to the predefined destination.

Click To Talk Screen Shot

The whisper feature announces to the recipient of a call where the call originated in order to track various marketing campaigns.

Click To Talk promotes increased sales through:

  • Converting prospect activity into revenue opportunities
  • Streamlining the connection between prospects and local representatives
  • Improving attribution efforts and targeted marketing
  • Reducing caller abandonment
  • Enhancing call convenience and satisfaction

By giving prospects a simple way to get in touch with your business, you can boost conversion rates, eliminate non-business-related calls and capture prospect data.

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